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TP500 T/PUMP Localized Heat Therapy System

Temperature Controlled Moist Heating Pad

This T/Pump and Mul-T-Pad provides easy to use, uniform therapeutic warming. It is a safe and effective localized heat therapy system. It relieves pain and discomfort associated with multiple conditions and also promotes wound healing.

  TP500 T/PUMP

Advanced Therapeutic System Warming for Pain Relief

    • A safe effective treatment of pain, arthritis and inflammation


Clinical Applications

    • Chronic Arthritis - Reduces pain, increases range of motion
    • Localized Pain - Increase blood flow, reduces inflammation and pain
    • Muscle Spasms - Relaxes muscles and increases blood flow
    • Wounds - Increases oxygen and blood flow
    • Phlebitis -- Warm moist compress relieves pain, improves blood flow


T/Pump System Features


    • Provides heat therapy that maintains skin integrity
    • Versatile Mul-T-Pads® are available in fabric backed or pliable polymer for application of moist or dry heat


    • Safe to use for patients with insensate skin, i.e., diabetic neuropathy
    • Controlled heat within safe limits
    • Safe to use in oxygen-enriched environment (not for use inside oxygen tents)

    Easy to Use

    • Adjustable temperature range from 85oF to 107oF.
    • Mul-T-Pads® deliver continuous warming therapy
    • Pump and pad combination available

TP500 T/PUMP Pads

Common Indication and Applications for Localized Temperature Therapy

Superficial Thrombophlebitis, Phlebitis Warm, moist compress relieves pain, improves blood flow.
Chronic Arthritis Tendonitis Heat reduces inflammation and pain. Increases range of motion.
Eye Inflammation Moist heat reduces swelling by promoting drainage.
Lymphangitis Moist heat dilates affected vessels, reducing pressure on inflamed portion and promotes flow of lymph in the vessel.
Mastitis Moist heat reduces swollen mucus membranes.
Edema Resolution of fluid congestion.
Non-Acute Contusion Increases blood flow to affected area.
Non-Acute Lacerations Promotes drainage of fluid discharge and promotes healing.
Pressure Ulcer Maintains nomothermia and increases blood flow.
Skin Ulcers Maintains nomothermia and increases blood flow.
Wound Exudates Moist heat softens crust for easy removal.
Wound Warming Heat increases blood flow, oxygen tension.
Hemorrhoidectomy Moist heat increases blood flow increasing patient comfort.
Pilonidal Cyst Post-operative moist heat therapy helps promote drainage and enhances healing and comfort.
Presurgical Wound Site Promotes accelerated post-op healing, decreases risk of post-op infection.
Abscess Moist heat increases circulation, decreases pain and promotes drainage.
Carbuncles Moist heat promotes drainage.
Contact Dermatitis Moist heat reduces irritation of affected skin and reduces pain.
Furuncle (Boils) Moist heat promotes drainage.
Psoriasis May reduce itching and keeps area moist, promotes comfort.
Comfort and Localized Pain Relief Warmth, increases comfort.
Muscle Spasm Relaxes muscles(s) and increase blood flow.
Neonatal Warming Warms or maintains nomothermia.
Venipuncture Reduces vasoconstriction.
    • Non-acute traumatized tissue.
    • Impaired mental status.
    • Insensate body surface.
    • O2 therapy.*

      *However, if oxygen tent is in use, do not use pump inside the tent.